This page identifies and links to proposed bills in the State Senate or General Assembly or federal bills introduced by Congress relating to issues and laws of concern or import to our members. It also identifies and links to recently enacted legislation.

Bills we are tracking – New Jersey Senate

  • S2082 Concerns UI benefits for claimants who leave work to accept other work and are laid off from subsequent work.
  • S539 The “New Jersey Intern Protection Act”; provides legal protections and remedies for persons engaged in internships with employers.
  • S1783 Makes various changes to the “Law Against Discrimination.” (This is the NELA-NJ Bill we have been pushing since 2004, which has already passed committee several times, but has never been brought up for a vote)

Bills we are tracking – New Jersey Assembly

  • A2910 Prohibits employment Discrimination based on applicant employment status.

Recently Enacted Legislation


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