NELA-NJ – Bringing Reform to New Jersey’s Workplaces for Over 20 Years

The New Jersey chapter was founded in 1987 by Peter Van Schaick, a powerful voice for equal employment opportunity. Peter’s goal was to bring together New Jersey employment attorneys who were fighting for fairness in the workplace. Through his tireless efforts, the NELA-NJ chapter successfully campaigned for the 1990 amendments to New Jersey’s Law Against Discrimination, guaranteeing a jury trial and all tort remedies such as punitive damages; and expansion of the Rule of Professional Conduct 4.2 which permits ex parte contact with corporate employees. We are very proud of the work our members do on behalf of employees throughout New Jersey. Attorneys may research decisions we were instrumental in getting and cases our members argued in our Members Area.

Representing Employment Cases Throughout New Jersey

Volunteer attorneys in NELA-NJ devote an extraordinary amount of time preparing educational seminars, amicus briefs on critical employment law issues, and championing employee-friendly legislation.  By sharing resources, the plaintiffs’ employment bar in New Jersey has made a significant impact on the decisions rendered by New Jersey state and federal judges. Our attorneys’ actions assure that these judges’ decisions will more likely be based upon briefs and arguments from plaintiff’s attorneys who are the best prepared to represent the interests of all New Jersey workers.

A Valuable Resource for Attorneys and Individuals

As a professional organization, NELA advances and encourages the professional development of its members nationwide through networking, educational programs, publications and technical support. The New Jersey chapter holds regular bi-monthly meetings for networking and the exchange of information; and our monthly newsletter, the Network, keeps our members abreast of the latest developments in employment law.

Our dinner meetings provide the opportunity not only to socialize, but also to share ideas on cases, brainstorm and discuss employment law topics in a group — invaluable to attorneys who typically have solo or small practices. As an added bonus, we also offer New York and Pennsylvania CLE credit for some meetings.


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